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I was never passionate about mundane studies because I was very passionate about photography. I express my feelings through the pictures I take. After my high school, my passion for photography started growing intensely from my hobby to making it professional. Having done my diploma in animation and an internship for six months. Six years ago, I was a budding photographer with new creative ideas; I remain to be the same person. I believe that learning should always be part of one's journey, I keep updating myself with new ideas and thoughts.

Every picture I take has a backstory to tell. I have always found weddings in India to be very emotional, yet mesmerising. There's just something really powerful and coherent about being able to hold a person's raw emotions in such a wonderful phase of their life.  Portraying them on a canvas feels like I hit a jackpot every time. For this very reason, I'm grateful for the profession I chose. 

Birth is again something that happens only once, so I try to capture the moments that bring a bundle of happiness to the lives of many people.  

On this site, you shall see a few pictures from my portfolio.
I keep every event unique with grace. The collections are growing with each day that passes. I welcome you with a warm embrace to be a part of it! In case of any Queries, feel free to contact me and I will get back to you to as soon as possible.


Cheers, amigo!

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Tel: 9652374760

Email: vkphotography998@gmail.com


GRK Vinay Classic Appartments, Chinnamiram, Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh - 534204

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VK Photography

Mobile: 9652374760
Email: vkphotography998@gmail.com